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Capital gain income


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Foreign Income


Rs. 3149/-


Professionals & Freelancers


Rs. 5625/-


Small Business


Rs. 7875/-


Business Income


Rs. 11249/-

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Frequently Asked Questions

To Assess your total Income from multiple sources we gather all the required documents, consider the deductions and exemptions available, Prepare a tax computation, guide you to pay remaining tax if any, File your ITR on the portal, e-verify your ITR and Send you the acknowledgment
Yes, definitely. We help you file Tax for all  types of entities.
Yes, We consider all your sources of Income and Help you get the benefits of exemption & Deductions wherever available.
The turnaround time depends on the complexities involved in the return. Generally we try to file your ITR within 48 to 72 hours of receiving all the required data from your end.
All your bank statements for the period are required to file ITR, We cross confirm the data from 26AS and AIS to make sure you do not skip any information and information provided is accurate.
We are providing ITR filing services for last 9 years. The manager assigned to you might not have 9 years of experience but the Reviewing department has the experience.
Every individual needs diifferent documents, But a List of common documents is as under. 1. PAN 2. Aadhar. 3. mobile no. linked with aadhar, 4.e-mail id, 5. Form 16 in case of salaries or Form 16A for commission income, 6. Investment details, 7. Bank statements.
Refund of TDS depends upon your taxability. If you have No Taxable Income or Your Tax payable is less than the Tax deducted by your employer or customer, then the excess Tax deducted shall be Refunded to you alongwith Interest by Income Tax Department.

The information filed throug returns is verified by the Income tax department and then the refund is processed. We do not have any role in processing your refund. our scope is limited to filing your ITR

If you happen to miss the deadline of filing ITR, you can still file your Return till 31st december 2023. but it attracts a late fees of Rs. 1000/- if your Income is less than 500000 and Rs. 5000/- in case your Income is more than 500000/-
Yes, We have experts to advice you on Investments, Tax planning or Financial planning. But, It doesn’t form part of ITR filing service. You can contact us for the same.
Yes, after filing your Return we provide you the support in case you need. We help you reply to your notices received, but the fees for the same is different and is not included in ITR filing services.